FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN. A camp gorefest starring Udo Kier who sets out to create both a male then a female human/creature using various body parts that come his way. One scene shows a guy being decapitated using large scissors! Plenty of gore and some sex and dark humor thrown in, includes the classic line " To know life Otto, you must first fuck death through the gall bladder. Directed by Paul Morrissey with help from Antonio Margheriti. PIC

FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET In Dario Argento's cool thriller, Michael Brandon plays a musician married to Mimsy Farmer, who is photographed accidentally killing a man, then gets framed for murder. He is sent a series of photos showing him doing the killing. No motive for the blackmail is found. Brandon hires a gay detective to discover the blackmailer, who gets killed. There are plenty of red herrings and bizarre murders tossed in along the way to add to the fun, including a laser-beam camera able to photograph the last image in the eye of a corpse. As usual, a top-notch score by Morricone. Also stars Jean-Pierre Marielle, Bud Spencer, and the beautiful Francine Racette. (1971)

FRIGHTMARE Just released from an insane asylum, an elderly British couple retire to a remote farmhouse, where Sheila Keith immediately resumes her cannibalistic activities, while Rupert Davies covers up for her. In addition to knocking off the psychiatrist sent to check up on them, Keith even enlists her adult daughter (Butcher) in the service of her perversion. Easily the best of notorious British gore director Peter Walker's efforts, this film is stylishly directed and contains several good performances. (1974)

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD aka CANNIBAL VIRUS. A medical research project in Papua goes haywire, turning the local work force into flesh-eating zombies. A commando team is sent in and manages to rescue some journalists en route. It is discovered that the "zombie plague" was developed to stop the overpopulation of the world! Bruno Mattei directs as Vincent Dawn. Includes a well used score by Goblin.

HORROR EXPRESS aka PANIC ON THE TRANS-SIBERIAN TRAIN. This film has become a favorite in both science fiction and horror genres, and deservedly so. It's fast-paced, inventive, and wholly entertaining. Christopher Lee, an explorer and anthropologist, has discovered the frozen body of the evolutionary "missing link" in China and is transporting it on the Trans-Siberian Express, circa 1906. En route, the ape-man defrosts and reveals himself as an alien that came to Earth in prehistoric times to claim the planet. The alien is able to absorb the minds of human beings merely by gazing at them. Unfortunately, the process boils the brain of the victims, causing their eyes to turn white and bleed, and turns them into zombies. Also stars Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, and an amazing Telly Savalas. Directed with flair and style by Eugenio Martin. (1972)

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY Another gore fest from Lucio Fulci, this time set outside Boston, where a researcher (Paolo Malco), his wife (Catriona MacColl), and their child (Giovanni Frezza) move into a new house (which, as the title tells us, is next to a cemetery). What the title doesn't say, however, is that a deranged killer with a penchant for bloodletting lives in the basement. The crazed scientist, Dr. Freudenstein (Giovanni Nari), has lived for more than 100 years, thanks to his advances in cellular regeneration. The only catch is that he obtains his cells from his victims.He takes them down to his hidden laboratory in the basement of "The house by the cemetery" where he performs experiments on them and, of course, eats them in order to stay alive.Meanwhile, the spirits of the doctor's wife and child roam the halls in search of sloppy seconds. Lots of arterial spraying, and maggots.Cinematography by Sergio Salvati. (1984) 2MB

HOUSE OF CLOCKS aka LA CASA DEL TEMPO A gang of vicious young punks break into the house of an elderly couple. While inside they continue to terrorize and eventually kill the OAP's , this causes the clocks in the house to stop and eventually run backwards enabling their dead souls to return to life and exact revenge on their murderers. An interesting effort originally made for Italian television but deemed too violent to air. Directed by Lucio Fulci. PIC

HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK. David Hess from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is back as another sicko terrorizing a party of friends with a straight razor. Stong performance from Hess, who gets his just rewards in the finale. Hess's co-star is Robert Morghen from Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Apocalypse.A sick and mean-spirited film from the director of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, Ruggero Deodato. (1980)

HOUSE OF WHIPCORD.This infamous picture is perhaps the best known of the Walker-McGillivray collaborations (FRIGHTMARE; THE CONFESSIONAL) and the most sadistic. More of an exploitation film than out-and-out horror entry. The plot involves an elderly couple--a retired magistrate and a former women's -prison warden--who set up their own court in the countryside, arresting, trying, convicting, imprisoning, and torturing beautiful young women whose behavior they deem immoral. If seeing girls strung up by the wrists and whipped is your idea of a good time, then this is for you. Produced and directed by Peter Walker. Written by Peter Walker and David McGillivray. Starring Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr, Penny Irving. (1974)

ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS. The first in the series, stars Dyanne Thorne as the evil commandant of Medical camp 9. Ilsa says "Once a prisoner has slept with me, he'll never sleep with another woman", she lives up to this boast by castrating her lovers the next morning. Female inmates are tortured by boiling, and eaten by maggots, and killed in more pleasant ways? by superspeed dildo's. Filmed in a week using the original sets from Hogan's Heroes, FX by Joe Blasco and directed by Don Edmunds. (1974)

ILSA, HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHIEKS. Is the second in the series starring Dyanne Thorne, this time Ilsa runs a slave ring in the middle east. Harem Shieks maim and torture slaves, until the brutalized harem girls are eventually released and go on an orgy of castration against their tormenters More sex and gore with exploding penis machines and black lesbian wrestling. FX by Blasco again and directed by Don Edmunds. (1976) PIC

ILSA, TIGRESS OF SIBERIA. The first half of the movie is set in Gulag 14 in Siberia. Here, Ilsa devises grotesque tortures for the prisoners, feeds their pieces to her pet tiger, and gets friendly with her guards. For the second half, it is 24 years later and she is running a chain of high-class whorehouse/dungeons with the emphasis on torture. This action takes place during the 1976 Olympics. Directed by Jean Lafleur (1977) PIC

ILSA, THE WICKED WARDEN. Jesus Franco jumped on the bandwagon and made this one of four exploitation women-in prison movies he made, to cash in on the infamous popularity of the Ilsa series. Set in the S. American jungle Dyanne Thorne (again) runs the Clinic of Las Palomas institution. Inside, women are treated for sexual deviation and political prisoners are tortured in the basement This scenario gives Franco the opportunity to show lots of lesbian nudity , violence and even cannibalism. Greta (Thorne) gets her just rewards in the finale by being torn apart by the prisoners. (1977)

INFERNO This is the second entry in the proposed "Three Mothers" trilogy about a group of witches living in a New York apartment building. The film continues on from SUSPIRIA which was was the first instalment. It follows a young poet, Rose (Irene Miracle), who has rented a gothic apartment in Manhattan. The strange-looking building was designed by an alchemist, and while researching its origins, Rose buys a book written by the architect. From the book, Rose learns that two similar buildings were constructed in Rome and Germany--all three built in honor of the Mothers of Whispers, Darkness, and Tears, evil supernatural beings who rule the Earth. When Rose is brutally murdered soon after beginning her research, her brother (Leigh McCloskey), who has been studying in Rome, comes to New York to investigate his sister's death. Mario Bava, who died in 1980, helped out with the special effects, including a hallucinatory scene in an upended room full of corpses that takes place under water. Excellent camera and lighting and music composed by Keith Emerson. Since the video release in 1982, it has been re-released with cuts totalling 28secs, most notably the scene of a cat eating a mouse. (1980) WMV 8.9MB

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE aka DAY OF THE WOMAN. Tells the unsavoury story of a woman writer who is raped by several lowlifes, she later gets her revenge and lures each of them to their deaths. Infamous nasty from Meir Zarchi. (1978)1.8MB

LAST CANNIBAL WORLD aka THE LAST SURVIVOR or JUNGLE HOLOCAUST. A group of explorers discover the last tribe of cannibals in South East Asia and have to fight to survive. One man is taken prisoner and subjected to bizarre torture and abuse. Made before his classic cannibal film, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, Ruggero Deodato shows he is the king of the "3rd world cannibal" genre. The most gruelling scene shows the beautiful Me Me Lai split open from head to toe, disembowelled, and has hot coals poured into her scooped-out throacic cavity, she is then eaten for good measure. Also known as Cannibal. (1976)

THE LAST HOUSE ON DEAD-END STREET aka THE FUNHOUSE. Depraved film about an ex-con and his buddies making snuff films in an old house.Contains surgery/disembowelment footage, a Deer’s foot blowjob scene, and other disgusting bits ‘n pieces!! This film still packs a powerful punch today and is a real sicko. Directed by Victor Janos (1977)

THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. This is the Wes Craven/Sean Cunniham film about 2 young women who run in to a group of thugs while enroute to a rock concert. The gang kidnap the girls and subject them to all sorts of abuse. They are forced to have sex with each other, one of the girls is forced to pee on herself, and then they are brutally killed and left in the woods. Later on, the group stumble on to one of the girls’ parents home where the parents gets their revenge! A really disturbing film. The UK video release deleted a sequence providing several minutes of light relief. It has since been screened at London's National Film Theatre as Krug and Co.

LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE aka BREAKFAST AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE or DON'T OPEN THE WINDOW. A device that is supposed to aid farmers has an unexpected side effect. Sonic waves produced by the experimental farm equipment cause the dead to raise and they hunger for human flesh!. A entertaining subplot has Lovelock, a hippie, being harassed and accused of all the flesh-eating murders by a police detective, Kennedy, doing an over-the-top Irish brogue. One of the best zombie films ever to come out of Italy. Starring Raymond Lovelock, Christina Galbo, Arthur Kennedy.F/x by Gianetto DerRossi who did the F/X for ZOMBIE! Directed by Jorge Grau. (1974)

THE LORELEY'S GRASP aka WHEN THE SCREAMING STOPS. Lorelei is a siren living in a gothic cave near the Rhine River, who occasionally turns into a scaly lizard monster and proceeds to rip the hearts out of female students at a local boarding school to prolong her own survival. This unhealthy practice must be stopped and the school hire a hunter to put an end to the deadly she-beast. This one also has some good atmosphere and gory deaths.

LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN. This cult classic, released in the U.S. as Schizoid, is a psychodrama-murder-mystery-thriller involving LSD, psychoanalysis, lesbianism, and one extremely gory dream sequence which involves eviscerated dogs. Director Lucio Fulci was forced to prove in court that the dogs in question were fabricated and not real. Florinda Bolkan stars as the woman who has morbid dreams and fantasies of grisly murders and deaths that become reality. Stanley Baker is the unlucky police inspector who has to separate what is fact from fantasy. (1971)

MADHOUSE aka THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL. This violent horror film centers around a woman who begins to have visions of a twin sister she has never met. The mythical sibling turns out to be real, and after escaping from a mental institution, terrorizes the woman's birthday party. Starring Trish Everly, Michael Macrae, Dennis Robertson, Morgan Hart, and Allison Biggers. Directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis (1981)

THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER aka DEEP RIVER SAVAGES.This was one of the first cannibal films to show brutal acts of cannibalism. Directed by Umberto Lenzi the plot deals with a photographer who gets lost in the jungles of Thailand and is captured by bloodthirsty cannibals. He is forced to live among them and later marries the chief’s daughter. (1972)

MARTIN, One of George Romero's best films, a disturbed young boy with an appetite for blood is believed by his elderly cousin to be a vampire. Beautifully surreal with hypnotic flashback sequences. Romero and his wife play bit parts as does Tom Savini who provides the FX. (1976)

MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD aka SLAVE OF THE CANNIBAL GOD. Susan Stevenson and her brother fly to the "haunted " island of Ricca in New Guinea, and search for her husband who disappeared in the jungle. They stumble upon his remains and discover they have walked into a tribe of hungry cannibals who like their women naked. Starring Ursula Andress, Claudio Cassinelli and Stacy Keach in this jungle adventure directed by Sergio Martino. (1978)


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