NEW YORK RIPPER. Director Lucio Fulci pulls out all the stops in this barbaric, sadistic slasher film. A maniac with a duck voice is terrorizing New York City. Every women who dresses sexy, gets humiliated and slaughtered as the psycho slices and dices his way through several victims.Police are baffled as to who the killer is or even how to stop him. What lurks in the dark, making a bizarre "quack-quack" sound? A sex and gore-drenched classic. Starring Jack Hedley, Almanta Keller and Howard Ross.(1982) PIC 2MB

NIGHTMARE aka NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN. A schizophrenic is supposedly cured through drug therapy and is released from a mental hospital. The man starts having horrible nightmares reflecting events from his childhood in which he brutally murdered his father and a prostitute (With an axe!) while watching them make love. The nightmares become stronger and stronger and the man starts getting urges to kill again. This is a very weird and twisted film with some vile and gory murders as well as a few graphic sex scenes.

NIGHTMARE CITY aka CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD. A radiation-stricken professor contaminates the other passengers on a plane, and after landing, police officers are greeted by mutant oozing zombies that are out for human flesh! Of course, bullets don’t stop them and so chaos breaks out everywhere. Another great zombie film directed by Umberto Lenzi!! Starring Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Mel Ferrer, Sonia Viviani, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Francisco Rabal, and Eduardo Fajardo. (1980)

NIGHTMARE BEACH It's time for spring break, Florida's beaches are filling up with sexy girls looking for fun. The only problem is a deranged killer is also seeking a good time. Starring John Saxon, Nicolas De Toth, Sarah Buxton and Michael Parks. Directed by Umberto Lenzi. (1988)

NIGHT OF THE DEMON aka CURSE OF THE DEMON. Based on the infamous Aleister Crowley this true classic of the genre concerns a black magician brilliantly played by Niall MacGinnis, who is investigated by a sceptical reporter. There are many memorable and stylish scenes in this well acted and genuinely frightening film which was filmed in b&w and directed by a master of his craft Jacques Tourneur. (1957)

NIGHT OF THE DEMON Monster-in-the-woods film about a big foot-type creature living deep within the wilderness. The beast breaks in and rapes a mountain girl and she becomes pregnant with the monsters baby. Meanwhile, local residents are holding ceremonies to pay homage to the monster as they become worshipers of what they call "The Demon". Finally, a group of of archaeology students venture into the woods to find the creature. Most of them end up dead!! This is not your typical monster flick, but a surprisingly creepy and bizarre film with some interesting turns and some gore thrown in. One scene shows a guys getting his penis yanked off by the creature when he stops over to have a pee! Directed by James C. Wasson (1980)

NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS The 4th and last of the "Blind Dead" films. (See also TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, RETURN OF THE EVIL DEAD, HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES) The eyeless Templar zombies preside over nightly sacrifices of white-robed virgins who are left tied to a rock on the beach by villagers, hoping to avoid the wrath of the dead. Directed by Amando de Ossorio. Starring Victor Petit, Maria Kosti and Dandra Mozarowsky. Re-released on video with 1m 6s of cuts as Don't Go Out At Night (1975)

NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS, THE aka LA NOCHE DE LOS BRUJOS. From the director or the "Blind Dead" films.A group of photojornalists travel to Bombasa in the African jungle and stumble upon a voodoo curse that unleashes vampire witches dressed in leopard-skin bikinis and zombies. Stars Jack Taylor. Full of soft-core sex and graphic violence. Starring Simon Andreu and Jack Taylor. Directed by Amando de Ossorio. (1973)

OPERA aka TERROR IN THE OPERA. A killer is killing people at the opera while watching his favorite female star perform. Great stuff with some incredibly violent murders, that include "the bullet through the keyhole, through the eye, through the back of the head sequence", and the young opera singer is forced to watch her boyfriend get it in the throat, while she is bound and has her eyes pinned open . Wonderful atmosphere, cinematography and some well trained ravens make this a must see. Music by Caudio Simonetti with cuts by Brian Eno and Bill Wyman. This is Argento at his stylish, horrifying best.


PHENOMENA Teenager Jennifer Connelly can communicate telepathically with insects. Bees crawl on her hand harmlessly; fireflies guide her way at night. The area she lives in is being terrorized by a psychotic killer who has been murdering coeds and making off with their decapitated bodies. Desperate for clues, a police inspector visits an entomologist, Donald Pleasence, and eventually Pleasance and Connelly team up to find the killer. (New Line Cinema who distributed this film in the U.S. cut 28 minutes from the film, and re-titled it CREEPERS.) Directed by Dario Argento, music by Goblin. (1985) PIC MOV 1.4MB


RE-ANIMATOR, Adapted from short stories by H.P. Lovecraft this black comedy is a gorehounds dream. Herbert West is a medical student who holds the secret to life after death when he discovers a serum to re-animate the dead. This was a low-budget production , but the make-up and effects are brilliant. One scene has an animated torso explode, with the intestines strangling Herbert. A blood and gore masterpiece directed by Stuart Gordon. (1985)


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