SHIVERS aka PARASITE MURDERS Opens with a somewhat psychotic older gentleman staking, and then attacking, a young woman dressed up in a schoolgirl's uniform. We get the horrible feeling that he might be her father, and that he is going to sexually assault his daughter. However, the situation only gets worse as he gags her, lays her down on the dining room table and proceeds like a surgeon to cut her open. He then pours acid into the incision and takes his own life with the scalpel. Something truly sinister is going on in Starliner Towers, the idyllic high rise apartment complex situated on a self-sufficient island in Montreal. The aforementioned elderly gentleman is Professor Dr. Emil Hobbs, who is working on a ground-breaking experimental procedure wherein a parasite, that will act as a replacement for a dying organ, is introduced into the human body to assimilate that organ's functions. Directed by Canada's greatest, David Cronenberg (1975)

SHOGUN ASSASSIN The focus is on Lone Wolf (Tomisaburo Wakayama), an “official decapitator” running around the country with his young son in tow, seeking revenge on the men who killed his wife. As narrated by Lone Wolf’s son, the story becomes a weird sort of near-comic adventure highlighted by terrific amounts of blood. SHOGUN ASSASSIN was actually edited down from two films in the popular Japanese “Lone Wolf” series, BABY CART AT RIVER STYX and SWORD OF VENGEANCE, with dubbing voices provided by Mark Lindsay and Sandra Bernhard. Lindsay was formerly a member of the 1960s rock group Paul Revere and the Raiders, which also provided the soundtrack for the American release.

STREET TRASH A store owner finds a case of tainted liquor in a storeroom and begins selling it to local bums for a buck a bottle. Chaos begins when the hooch circulates through the city and starts causing people to melt into multi-colored piles of slime.This is one of the better splatter movies, with good dialogue and one-liners "Hey how bout a 68? You blow me and I owe you one". The brilliant FX courtesy of Jennifer Aspinall's crew includes a wonderful decapitation by acetylene tank and many excellent melting scenes, one occurs on the toilet. Directed with gusto by new boy Jim Muro and written by Roy Frumkes (Document of the Dead) 19871.8MB

SUCCUBUS Anything goes in this dream vs reality plot (like most of Franco's output really!). Janine Reynaud stars as part of an S&M nightclub act. She lives in a castle, dreams about sex and killing men and wanders around Lisbon in a red robe. Many strange scenes abound including sugar cubes being passed out at a party with a dwarf and a guy in drag. There's a sex scene shot through a fish tank (the tank is in focus), eyeball stabbing, mannequins that come to life and more sex. This is one of the few Franco movies to receive a theatrical release in the USA. Directed by Jesus Franco (1967)

TENEBRAE aka UNSANE. Peter Neal (Tony Franciosa), a popular American writer of mystery novels, arrives in Rome to go on a tour promoting his latest novel, Tenebrae. Shortly after his arrival, a series of horrible murders occurs, patterned after the killings in his book. Although the police are baffled, Neal decides to launch his own investigation, with the aid of his agent (John Saxon) and his staff. Argento uses the mystery narrative structure as a jumping-off point for his virtuoso murder sequences, which are incredibly well orchestrated and inventive. According to Argento, star Franciosa was always drunk on the set, and would not follow direction. Contains the "Axed-arm dismemberment" scene where the severed arm sprays the white walls with blood. Starring Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon, Guiliano Gemma, Daria Nicolodi, John Steiner. Directed by Dario Argento. Cinematography by Luciano Tovoli. (1982) 2MB

TRAUMA In this, the first American feature from Italian cult director Dario Argento, a city is terrorized by a string of decapitation murders. Teen-aged Aura Petrescu escapes from the Farraday Clinic, where she’s being treated for anorexia by Dr. Judd. On a bridge and ready to jump she is rescued by David, who she gives the slip to. She is caught by police and returned to her parents, professional mediums Adriana and Stefan. At a seance that night, Adriana is possessed by the spirit of one of the killer’s victims and claims the murderer is among them. She runs into a rainstorm outside, followed by Stefan and then Aura, who sees the killer holding up her parents’ severed heads. She convinces David to help her find the murderer, even as the police and Dr. Judd are hot on their trail and the body count continues to rise. TRAUMA retains some of the same twisted fun and visceral impact of the director Dario Argento’s earlier giallo murder thrillers, and the cast of American character actors results in a better overall level of performance than in some of his Italian productions. Argento develops the mystery in a manner that holds attention, building to a climactic flashback that is genuinely bloodcurdling. Starring Christoper Rydell, Asia Argento, James Russo, Brad Dourif, Frederic Forrest, with FX by Tom Savini (1994) WMV 7.2MB

TRE VOLTI DELLA PAURA, I (Translation: The Three Faces of Fear) aka BLACK SABBATH. Mario Bava’s horror anthology containing three episodes— introduced by Boris Karloff, who also stars in one segment. The first story, THE TELEPHONE features Michele Mercier as Rosy, a prostitute who is harassed by phone calls made by her pimp who she helped send to prison. The escapee drives her to the edge of sanity with his increasingly threatening phone calls. Her former lesbian lover comes to her aid, but is she enough. The second episode, THE WURDALAK, stars Karloff as Gorca, the patriarch of an Eastern European family, who has gone off to kill a local bandit. Before his departure, Gorca informed his family that if he were gone longer than five days he might return as a Wurdalak—a vampire who thirsts for the blood of his loved ones—and that no matter how strong his demands, he must not be let into the house. He returns moments after the stroke of midnight on the fifth day. The final episode, THE DROP OF WATER, concerns a nurse (Jacqueline Pierreux) who is summoned to the home of a dying clairvoyant. Upon her arrival, she discovers that the medium has already died, greedily steals a diamond ring from the body, and wears it home. That night she is haunted by the ghost of the deceased woman. One of director Mario Bava’s best films beautiful photographed full of darkness. (1963)

TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE aka Bay of Blood was the inspiration for Friday the 13th 10 years before Jason did his thing.

TWO EVIL EYES. Dario Argento/George Romero double short film. Originally planned to be four modernized Poe stories, this should have been either a trilogy or one complete Argento movie. The film opens with Poe's actual house and tombstone. The first story The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemaris directed by Romero, has a money-hungry wife and her demented doctor boyfriend plotting to take her dying husband’s fortune...But the old man doesn’t want to go peacefully! The second story The Black Catby Argento is about a black cat that appears and starts causing trouble for a crime photographer. Lots of cool atmosphere and the usual Argento/Romero production make this a great film, FX by Savini.

VAMPIRE CIRCUS.Classic Hammer film, about a circus that comes to town to seek revenge for their master who was slain at the hands of the villagers years before. Neat and atmospheric, the circus performers change into animals and bats as they drain the blood from the villagers.

VAMPYRES A pair of sexy bisexual female vampires, Marianne Morris and Anulka (Playboy's May 1973 centerfold), live in a decrepit mansion. Sleeping in their double coffin by day, they roam the area by night, seducing men and women into their lair with promises of untold carnal delights. However, one of their victims, Murray Brown, falls in love with Morris and agrees to stay with her, despite the fact that he knows she is a vampire who will eventually drain him of all his blood. A surprisingly effective combination of the genuinely erotic and horribly violent, this film is one of the few vampire movies that actually manages to convey powerfully the seductions of vampirism. Directed by Joseph Larraz (1975) PIC

THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI aka NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST. This sequel to CURSE OF THE DEVIL was Paul Naschy's eighth film as Waldemar Daninsky, the reluctant werewolf. Waldemar joins an expedition to Tibet to search for the Yeti. While searching for the beast, he and his guide discover a cave inhabited by two beautiful women. He spends some enjoyable time with these two ladies, only to discover that they have eaten his guide! Waldemar is bitten by one of the women, turning him into a werewolf. Of course, the wolfman does battle with the Yeti. Written and starring Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina) and directed by Miguel Iglesias Bonns. (1975)

THE WICKER MAN Edward Woodward plays a devoutly Christian policeman and lay minister, still an unmarried virgin though middle-aged. He receives a photograph of a girl in the mail, with a note stating she has mysteriously vanished. Woodward heads out to Summerisle, a Scottish island community within his jurisdiction, in his search for the girl. No one there has heard of Geraldine Cowper, not even Sunters, whom Woodward suspects to be Cowper's mother. The next morning, Woodward heads to the local school in search of Cowper. There he finds Cilento teaching the children about phallic symbols, including a phallic maypole dance. Woodward finds Cowper's name on the school roster, and Cilento explains that the girl has died but has returned in another form. His frustration mounting, Woodward goes to Christopher Lee's mansion for permission to exhume Cowper's grave, suspecting that these pagan people have kidnapped Cowper and are going to sacrifice their in May Day festivities.A classic film with great music and acting. Directed by Robin Hardy. (1974)

WIDE-EYED IN THE DARK aka EYEBALL or THE SECRET KILLER. Alma Burton is on her way to New York for medical care when she decides to Barcelona. Her husband, Mark is there to meet with his secretary Paulette to continue their love affair. During Alma’s group tour several of the other tourists are knifed and their left eye removed. Mystery surrounds the group as the police try to discover who the real killer is. Starring Martine Brochard, John Richardson, Inez Pellegrini. Directed by Umberto Lenzi. (1974)

WITCHFINDER GENERAL aka THE CONQUEROR WORM. During the English Civil War, Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) is appointed "Witchfinder General" by the Puritans under Cromwell and empowered to travel the countryside with his henchman, Stearne (Robert Russell), collecting a fee for each witch from whom he extracts a confession. They ride into one town where the village priest, Lowes (Rupert Davies), is accused. They proceed to torture him by driving steel spikes into his flesh, looking for "the devil's mark." Sara (Hilary Dwyer), Lowes's niece, offers herself to the pair, but Stearne rapes her and hangs her uncle anyway. When her fiancée, a soldier with the Royalists, learns what has happened, he leaves the army to hunt down Hopkins and Stearne. This masterful study in terror was directed by Michael Reeves, who made just three films (THE SHE-BEAST, THE SORCERERS and THE CONQUEROR WORM) before killing himself in 1969 at age 25. Vincent Price gave one of his finest portrayals as an intelligent, civilized madman in a place and time that encourage him to act out his darkest impulses. (1968)

ZOMBIE aka ZOMBIE 2 aka ZOMBIE FLESHEATERS. This is the most widely known film from horror director Lucio Fulci. A lone sailboat drifts into New York City harbor. On it, is a zombie who proceeds to devour a hapless cop before falling into the water. As it turns out, Tisa Farrow's father owns the boat, so Farrow charters a small boat and sets sail for the island of Matoul, near St. Thomas, to find out what happened to her dad. Reporter Ian McCulloch and another couple, Al Cliver and Annetta Gay, accompany her. On the island, they discover scientist Richard Johnson, who, while conducting experiments on the dead, has inadvertently revived scores of corpses through ancient voodoo rites. Soon dozens of zombies are shuffling around the island, dismembering the living. The effects work of Giannetto De Rossi is generally excellent and certainly stomach-churning. Cinematography by Sergio Salvati. (1979) 1.6MB


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