A CAT IN THE BRAIN aka NIGHTMARE CONCERT. Lucio Fulci directs and stars in this horror version of 8 1/2 . An interesting film in which we get to see the best gore scenes from the last few Fulci films.

AENIGMA Director Lucio Fulci tries his hand at a PATRICK rip-off. A young girl in a coma uses conscious people to help her get revenge on the people that caused her trauma. The highlight is a rape by snails. Stars Jared Martin and Bird with the Crystal Plumage co-star, Susan Kendall. Music by Stelvio Capriani.

AMITYVILLE II : THE POSSESSION. A prequel to the first episode and arguably the best, where a kid gets possessed, sleeps with his sister and blows his family away with a shotgun. Directed by Damiano Damiani.

THE ANTICRISTO aka THE TEMPTER. This EXORCIST rip-off is considerably more sensational than its prototype. It concerns Ippolita (Carla Gravina), the paralyzed, 20-year-old daughter of Prince Massimo (Mel Ferrer) who becomes possessed by an ancestor who was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Like her American counterpart in THE EXORCIST, Ippolita spews forth an excess of nasty vomit, generous portions of which splatter holy visitors in the face! A couple of priests (Arthur Kennedy and George Coulouris) try to exorcise the demon from Ippolita's soul, while a psychiatrist (Umberto Orsini) concentrates on the young woman's mind. Meanwhile an unseen demon has focused its attention on Ippolita's nubile body, resulting in a graphic rape scene in which Gravina must prove her acting talents. Written and directed by Alberto De Martino. With an effective score by Ennio Morricone. (1978)

ANTHROPOPHAGOUS aka SAVAGE ISLAND, THE GRIM REAPER.About a a degenerate who was shipwrecked on a Greek island and had to eat his wife and child in order to survive. He continues his brutal killing spree when a group of tourists visit the island and must fight for their lives against the disfigured cannibalistic psycho. One of the most gruesome films directed by Joe D’amato. Starring Tisa Farrow, Saverio Vallone, Vanessa Steiger, Gerorge Eastman, Zora Kerova. (1980)

AQUARIUS aka STAGEFRIGHT aka BLOODY BIRD. In this shocker, which was Soavi's directorial debut, a troupe of young actors and dancers are preparing to put on a horror musical about the antics of a notoriously brutal serial killer, and find that someone among them is doing more than a little method acting. Now, they have more than the stage to fear. Soon the blood begins to flow and terror ensues.They are locked in the theatre for the night and have to face a psychopathic former actor Irving wallace who kills them off one by one, using a plethora of handy items such as chainsaw, axe and knives. The screenwriter was the actor George Eastman and the producer was Soavi's former mentor Joe D'amato. Starring David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, and Robert Gligorov.

LES AVALEUSES aka BARE BREASTED COUNTESS aka EROTIKILL aka LA COMTESSE NOIRE. This Jess Franco film stars Lina Romay as the vampire Countess Irina Karlstein who fellates her male lovers to death. She eventually falls in love with one of her victims, so she drowns herself in order to join him in the world of the dead. (1973)

THE BEYOND A cursed Louisiana hotel is built over one of the seven gateways to hell. This is the setting for this surreal, frequently inspired blood-soaked zombie thriller. Considered to be Lucio Fulci’s (ZOMBIE) masterpiece. Starring Katherine McColl and David Warbeck. With incredible makeup by Giannetto De Rossi. A cut version was released as THE SEVEN DOORS OF DEATH.


BEYOND THE DARKNESS aka BURIED ALIVE Joe D’Amato’s story of a taxidermist who because of a bad child hood develops a desire to “have his way” with the corpses of dead young women. He develops a serum that keeps the bodies fresh for his extended enjoyment. A really sick film, the autopsy and cremation scenes allegedly used real corpses, also known as BLUE HOLOCAUST. Music by Goblin (1980)

THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE Cool classic Dario Argento horror/giallo film about an American writer in Rome, who sees a woman being murdered in an art gallery. He can't make out the killer's face, but the police decide to garnish his passport, as this is but one of several murders of lone women. The writer cooperates with the police, but also conducts his own investigation, which takes him into the underbelly of the Eternal City. A heart-stopping horror melodrama from director Dario Argento, here essaying his first film. Memorable characters abound and Vittorio Storaro's sensational camera work and Ennio Morricone's score highlight their seedy milieu aptly. Starring Tony Musante and Suzy Kendall.


THE BLACK CAT, This horror film has reporter Jill Travers (Mimsy Farmer) investigating the horrifying and mysterious deaths of some villagers. The trail leads to a black cat owned by Mr. Miles (Patrick Magee), a researcher trying to make contact with the dead. Miles and his pet try to dominate each other for control. Magee is particularly good in this film, which was his last. Also starring David Warbeck. Written by Biagio Proietti and Lucio Fulci (based on a story by Biagio Proietti from a story by Edgar Allan Poe). Directed by Lucio Fulci. Music by Pino Donaggio.

BLACK MAGIC 2 aka REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES. This black magic story from the far east concerns of all things a vampiric sorcerer who lives not on blood, but the next best thing, human breast milk. The film has some interesting scenes including one where a woman's crotch is shaved and the pubic hair is used in a potion. This potion induces a pregnancy and the birth of a monster fetus. Director Ho Meng-Hau.

BLOOD FEAST Filmed in Miami, it concerns a crazy egyptians attempt to resurrect an ancient princess, by the unhealthy practice of dismembering young girls. The plot therefore gives Lewis ample opportunity to show extreme violence and gore, enjoy. (1963)

BLOOD FOR DRACULA aka Andy Warhol’s Dracula. Dracula travels to find fresh blood and sex for his growing appetite. Eventually, he stumbles across a money-hungry family who push their daughters off on him in hopes of inheriting riches. This one contains lots of gore, sex, nudity, and bad dialog and so is a must for trash film fans!! Stars Udo Kier as the excellent count.

THE BLOOD ROSE aka LA ROSE ESCORCHEE aka THE FLAYED ROSE. This movie was billed as "the first horror/sex film", although lesbian scenes were deleted from the American release. A wealthy painter, Philippe Lemaire, living in a secluded castle with his wife whose face was horribly burned when she fell into a fire, blackmails a plastic surgeon (Howard Vernon) wanted by the police, into performing grafting operations. Naturally, beautiful women are needed to contribute to the grafting process. An interesting addition to this eerie, atmospheric production are two dwarf servants, dressed in animal skins, who violently rape and murder the unwilling face-contributors. If this film sounds familiar, Howard Vernon played essentially the same role in Jess Franco’s THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF. A French production by Edgar Oppenheimer. Directed by Claude Mulot. Written by Claude Mulot, Edgar Oppenheimer and Jean Carriaga. (1969)

THE BLOODY JUDGE, aka DER HEXENTOTER VON BLACKMOOR. In the tradition of MARK OF THE DEVIL, this story based on the life of witch-hunter Judge George Jefferys (Christopher Lee). A Jess Franco film that is a strange mix of historical reconstruction and erotic and violent display. Starring Christopher Lee, Leo Glenn, Maria Rohm.

BRAIN DAMAGE A young man's life is changed when a 1,000-year-old, brain-eating parasite named Elmer slithers into his room and attaches itself to his neck, injecting him with a blue fluid that causes pleasant hallucinations. As Brian becomes addicted to the drug, he begins to experience radical shifts in personality, and goes on nocturnal jaunts with Elmer during which the parasite attacks and sucks the brains out of assorted security guards, punk rockers, and flophouse tenants, also includes a sleazy scene in which elmer comes out of Brian's pants and shoots into the mouth of some unsuspecting female. Starring Rick Herbst and John Zacherle as the voice of Elmer. Directed by Frank Henenlotter.(1988)

THE BROOD, At the Psychoplasmic Institute, Oliver Reed encourages patients to bring their inner turmoils to the surface, in the form of bruises , boils and blood. Samantha Eggar licks mutant afterbirth and snow suited kids with cleft palates and other deformities happily bash peoples brains out with hammers. A wholesome gorefest from David Cronenberg.

BURIAL GROUND aka ZOMBIE 3 aka ZOMBIE HORROR. Andrea Bianchi’s zombie film about an archaeologist who discovers an ancient book containing secret chants to revive the dead and before you know it, zombies are everywhere! Lots of creepy atmosphere and a little boy who loves to breast feed!!

CANNIBALS aka MONDO CANNIBALE. Professor Jeremy Taylor is traveling into the Amazon with his wife and young daughter Lena when they are attacked by a tribe of cannibals. His wife is killed and eaten right in front of them, and he and Lena are taken back to the village. When they arrive, he is tied to a post and has his arm chopped off, which the savages happily chomp on. He manages to escape, leaving his young daughter behind. Ten years later, he heads an expedition back into the Amazon in hopes of finding his lost daughter. Most of the expedition party is attacked and eaten en route to the tribal village, but Jeremy makes it back only to find his daughter, raised by the savages, is now a beautiful queen of the cannibals who does not remember him. A bloody mess from director Jess Franco. Starring Al Cliver and Sabrina Siani. (1980)

CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE aka CANNIBALS IN THE STREETS or INVASTION OF THE FLESH HUNTERS. Released from captivity in Vietnam, two American Army officers return to civilian life and discover they are infected with a strange jungle illness. They acquire an insatiable taste for human flesh and proceed to tear through the lives of anyone they come in contact with as blood-thirsty cannibals!. An extremely gory zombie film originally rated X for violence. Starring John Saxon, directed by Antonio Margheriti. (1982) PIC

CANNIBAL FEROX A.k.a. MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY. Nastiest of the nasties primarily because the animal killings were real., this was apparently to cut down on special effect costs, yeah right. 3rd world brutality jam-packed with all you could want from a cannibal film. There's dismemberment, brain eating, penis whacking, eyeball poking, breast eating and, of course, sick mutilation of animals. This Umberto Lenzi film lives up to it's banned in 31 countries label . (1981) 1.7MB

CANNIBAL GIRLS.Made by a Canadian company called Scary films, about a little town plagued by cannibalism. A couple comes to town and are told a strange story of 3 cannibal women living there. Soon, the story becomes a reality. An early Ivan Reitman film .

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.This has been called the most vile of the cannibal films and for good reason!! Turtles skinned, pennis chopping, crude abortions, intestine eating, and , of course, the infamous naked girl impaled scene! This is a rough film and very disturbing, especially the scenes of animal torture.

CANNIBAL MAN aka APARTMENT ON THE 13TH FLOOR. About a slaughterhouse worker who goes beserk and starts killing people around him and stores the bodies in his bedroom!

CAT O’NINE TAILS. A scientist at a secret research centre is killed off because he discovers that certain people with a particular type of genetic disorder are more likely to commit violent murders. A blind man (Karl Malden) overhears a conversation about the murder, so he then joins up with a reporter (James Franciscus) to solve the crime. Ennio Morricone's music fits tightly into this well crafted suspense film. An excess of murder and sex, directed by Dario Argento. Written by Argento based on a story by Luigi Lollo and Dardano Sacchetti. Also stars Catherine Spaak and Cinzia De Carolis. (1971)

CEMETERY MAN aka DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE Francisco Dellamore is a custodian of the local graveyard who never leaves his workplace and feels good only in his small, dead world. Equipped with his revolver, day after day he deals with the corpses that don't want to stay put in their graves. Directed by Michele Soavi.

CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.Creepy and atmospheric zombie film about a group of hippie actors who go to a small island to practice satanism and succeed in raising the dead! The only problem is, the dead wants to eat them all. Directed by Benjamin (Bob) Clark. (1972)

THE CHURCH, A Dario Argento.Michelle Soavi co-production that originally started out as DEMONS 3.During the 12th century, a band of holy Templar Knights discovers a coven of devil worshippers living in a small village. Horrified, they slaughter the town’s inhabitants and bury their bodies in a pit, then erect a cathedral on the site. Flash forward to the present, when that same church is undergoing extensive renovation. Evald (Thomas Arana) has been hired to catalogue the library. Lovely Lisa (Barbara Cupisti) is restoring a hellish fresco that adorns the back wall. Workmen are drilling in the basement. While poking around in the cellar, Lisa uncovers an ancient parchment and gives it to Evald, who learns that a hidden “stone with seven eyes” contains some sort of secret. He finds the stone and unleashes the unquiet spirits of the murdered devil worshippers. Evald is possessed, and passes his affliction to the sacristan, who in turn infects others. Visually arresting, lushly photographed and sumptuously lit, it makes the most of the beauty of the Gothic church where most of the action takes place and creates a genuinely eerie atmosphere as the demonic influence spreads among the people trapped within its walls. The second film by young director Michele Soavi, who began his career as an actor and segued into directing with the help of mentor Dario Argento (1991)

CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD aka GATES OF HELL. A big hit with the hard-core gore fans, this was director Lucio Fulci's follow-up to the incredibly bloody ZOMBIE, and he really outdoes himself this time. When a parish priest hangs himself in the church cemetery, the Gates of Hell open up, allowing all manners of zombies to rise up and mutilate the living. Since there is little in the way of plot, the film concentrates on the gore; scalpings, maggots, a really graphic electric drill through the skull, and, most revolting of all, a woman who literally spews her guts out. (1980)


COMBAT SHOCK, From the Troma camp who produced The Toxic Avenger this is a different kettle of fish altogether. Directed by Buddy Giovinazzo, this is a grim depressing piece of celluloid. Filmed on Staten Island on a limited budget it concerns an ex Vietnam vet who is haunted by his experiences there. Together with his burnt out wife and Agent Orange mutant baby, they live an impoverished existence. With junkies injecting via coat hanger, and murder, suicide and baby baking this film is an experience but is emotionally draining.

CRAZIES aka CODENAME TRIXIE A government plane carrying a biological warfare virus suddenly crashes near a small Pennsylvania town resulting in a poisoned water supply. When the residents embark on a chaotic, murderous rampage, the government send in the army, unannounced, to quarantine the town and resolve the anarchy. A small war breaks out when the citizens find themselves caught between a lethal disease, their crazed neighbors and an unexplained occupying army.From the director of Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead comes a shocking horror film where uncontrolled fear and panic lead to the collapse of an entire community.Directed by George A. Romero.

CURSE OF THE DEVIL aka EL RETORNO DEL WALPURGIS. This is considered to be one of Paul Naschy’s best and goriest films! A gypsy witch is burned at the stake and, during the burning, curses the family of the Inquisitor (Naschy). Centuries later, Naschy shoots a werewolf and reactivates the witch’s curse. A beautiful young girl is sent to seduce and infect Naschy with the werewolf virus. Naschy then goes on a wild rampage during the full moons, tearing out the throats of innocent victims until Naschy’s lover, armed with a silver dagger, ends the werewolf curse. Or does she? A wild, blood-spattered horror follow-up to LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS, it was heavily excised of blood and sex to get an “R” Rating in the US. Directed by Carlos Aured. Starring Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina), Faye Falcon, Vince Molina, May Oliver. (1973)

THE CURSED SHIP aka. HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES aka EL BUQUE MALDITO. This second sequel to TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD finds the Knights Templar aboard a mysterious, fog-shrouded Spanish galleon that waylays stranded ships. When a sporting goods magnate sets two bikini-clad models adrift on the ocean as a publicity stunt, the women soon fall victim to the Templars. Fearing trouble, the entrepreneur--accompanied by his assistant, the modeling-agency boss, the roommate of one of the models, and a scientist aware of the Templar legend--sails his yacht into the vicinity in an effort to rescue the girls. HORROR OF THE ZOMBIES pays off, however, when the Knights Templar rise from their shipboard tombs to attack the living. The atmospheric scenes aboard the decrepit galleon are genuinely creepy. Best of all, however, is the ending, in which the two survivors wash up on the beach, besieged by the ever-vigilant Templars, who rise from the ocean to attack them while their haunting theme music (a pseudo-Gregorian chant) is heard. (This film was followed by NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS. Starring Maria Perschy, Carlos Lemos, and Franco favorite Jack Taylor. (1974)

CUT AND RUN aka AMAZONIA/Straight to Hell/Inferno In Diretta.Cannibal/action film from Ruggero Deodato about a team of reporters who chase a gang of drug lords into the jungle only to meet up with bloodthirsty cannibals! Has some good gore scenes including a woman being pinned down with stakes through her ankles and wrists and then gang raped, and other good cannibal and jungle gore.Stars michael Berryman PIC

DAWN OF THE DEAD A national emergency grips the country. The corpses of the recently dead are returning to life and attacking the living. Two members of the Philadelphia Police S.W.A.T. unit escape the city with their friends, Francine and Stephen, via a helicopter which they manage to land on the roof of an enormous shopping mall. Armed with supplies, the four humans manage to secure the mall through a series of brutal battles with the zombies and set up living quarters where they live for months. Their safety is threatened, however, when a band of scavengers raid the mall to loot the shops and leave an open door for the bloodthirsty monsters. Directed by George A Romero (1979)

DAY OF THE DEAD The "walking dead" have taken over the world. Only a small band of scientists and soldiers are definitely known to remain, and they have taken refuge in an underground missile silo. The only hope for survival of the human race hinges on discovering a way to either control the walking dead or get them back into their graves for good. Grotesque research experiments are being conducted by Dr. Logan, a borderline mad scientist, appropriately nicknamed Dr. Frankenstein by his associates. Hist most promising prospect for controlling the hordes of walking dead is one "guinea pig' zombie who seems to have a trace of humanity left in him. But the military leader soon discovers that some of his soldiers have been used as substitute guinea pigs in zombie experiments, and he retaliates by locking up the remaining scientific team with the zombies. Now, the remaining human survivors engage in a horrific last ditch battle for life with thousands of the walking dead. The result is the darkest day of horror the world has ever known. Directed by George A Romero (1985)

DEEP RED David Hemmings, a British music teacher in Rome, hears screams and comes to the aid of a telepathist who has been brutally attacked. Arriving on the scene too late to save the victim, Hemmings begins a search for the killer, which leads to several more murders and several attempts on his own life. Argento here presents a stylish and compelling exercise in cinematic style that boasts remarkable visuals and an inventive use of sound effects and music. The edge-of-your-seat climax, in which Argento gleefully manipulates his audience, is quite impressive. (1976) The widescreen 123 minute full length uncut version includes several key scenes never shown in American theaters. Filled with style and gore (including a beheading by an elevator), with music by Goblin. Simply a Classic.


DEMONIA. Lucio Fulci horror film about satanic, possessed nuns in a convent. The townsfolk band together to stop the evil rituals of the satanic nuns by burning them at the stake (On crucifixes). However, the nuns curse the villagers and many centuries later their spirits return to haunt the convent. Contains some neat and gory killings including impalements, eye-poppings, and tongues being nailed!, all in typical Fulci fashion! PIC

DEMONI 3 aka BLACK DEMONS.An Umberto Lenzi zombie flick about a voodoo curse that raises the bodies of deceased black slaves to terrorize the living. Lots of atmosphere, decent gore, and animal sacrifices.

DEMONS aka DEMONI. Film goers at a mysterious premiere for a new horror film are infected by a statue which carries a zombie virus. The virus transforms members of the audience into hideous zombie-demons with an appetite for blood! This simple, bare-bones plot is propelled along by an ever increasing number of violent, gruesomely explicit effects scenes. This is a slam bang gorefest - a lightning paced assault on the senses - punctuated by a rowdy, heavy metal soundtrack from artists such as Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Pretty Maids, and more.Great f/x and a cool heavy metal soundtrack make this one a winner. Directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento.

In DEMONS 2 (1987) we get more rock 'n' roll horror from the same team responsible for the original. Though the sequel is rather silly and sloppy, lacking even the tentative characterizations and internal narrative logic of the first film, it's still an entertaining rollercoaster ride until the ridiculous finale. As with the original, everything in the plot takes a back seat to splashy mayhem and exhilarating, violent action that gives the films its simplistic, single-minded drive.

LES DEMONS, A witch, condemned to burn at the stake, curses her accusers, Lord Jefferys, Lady de Winter and her lover Renfield, and proclaims as she burns that her daughters will fulfill the curse. Jess Franco’s story of nuns going nuts, witches, lesbians, and sex. His second examination of the evil doings of witch-hunter Judge Jeffries. Starring Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas, Howard Vernon and Luis Barboo.

DEMON WITCH CHILD aka LA ENDEMONIADA. In this Spanish-produced EXORCIST rip-off, an old witch possesses the nine-year-old daughter of the politician who had her thrown in jail. The little girl goes through the usual paces, until she is confronted in the witch's tomb by a priest who performs an exorcism. Starring Julian Mateos, Fernando Sancho, Marian Salgado, Lone Fleming, Angel Del Pozo. Directed by Amando De Ossorio, best known for his BLIND DEAD series of films. (1974)

THE DEVIL’S MEN aka LAND OF THE MINOTAUR. The mythic Cretan minotaur is revived in this horror effort, which contains several eerie scenes of shrouded cultists murmuring incantations around an altar. A baron (Peter Cushing) leads a modern-day Greek cult that worships the man-bull, using human sacrifices of women to honor the god. An Irish priest (Donald Pleasence) comes in to stop the blasphemy by sprinkling holy water over everything. There's enough gratuitous violence and naked female flesh to satisfy most -- and the music, surprisingly enough, is by rock-New Age composer Brian Eno. Also stars Luan Peters, Nikos Verlekis, Costas Skouras. Directed by Costas Carayiannis. (1976)

DINNER WITH THE VAMPIRE A group of archaeologists discover a tomb and open the coffin within. Some blood is spilled on the body, which causes the corpse to revive and attack the profaners of the tomb of Dracula. We then are introduced to two actresses who agree to stay the weekend with a film director in his lavish castle in order to get a role in his newest film. The director is discovered to have some strange quirks: dislike of sunlight, repulsion of crucifixes, and a lack of reflection in mirrors. Get the picture? A virtually unknown film from Director Lamberto Bava, starring George Hilton, Patrizia Pellegrino and Riccardo Rossi. Story by Luciano Martino, music by Simon Boswell. (1985)

DOCTOR BUTCHER MD aka ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST aka ISLAND OF THE LAST ZOMBIES aka ZOMBIES OF THE SAVANNAH. Starting in New York City (were seemingly all zombie films start) at a morgue, some strange Orientals rip the hearts out of the dead and eat them. One jumps out of a window (and the arm falls off the obvious mannequin). A scientist and friends journey to a remote island "Kito" in the Pacific to observe cannibal rites and ceremonies,While there they discover that a mad doctor is performing ghastly experiments and creating a race of flesh-eating monsters from the natives. Lobotomies, one head gets chewed up by an out-board motor, cannibalism, and bodies ripped apart make this a great cannibal/zombie film. F/X by Gino DeRossi, music by Walter Sear and Nico Fidenco. Includes a tacked-on NYC sequence directed by Roy Frumkes. Starring Ian McCulloch, Alexandra Cole. Directed by Marino Girolami, As Frank Martin. PIC

DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING Disturbing and weird Lucio Fulci film.Set in southern Italy this giallo tells the story of a series of child killings which causes an outbreak of mass hysteria, resulting in the viciously brutal killing of a gypsy woman. It is soon discovered that the killer is still at large. One of the best giallos ever made, full of red herrings, witchcraft and strange characters. Directed with flair by Lucio Fulci. Starring Florinda Balkan, Bargara Boushet, Tomas Millian. (1972) PIC

EATEN ALIVE aka THE EMERALD JUNGLE Aka MANGIATI VIVI. In the tradition of CANIBAL HOLOCAUST, director Umberto Lenzi brings us his view of the Third World cannibal. Starting in New York City (where it seems all good Italian horror films start), a strange assassin is using blow-darts dipped in cobra venom to kill innocent passers-by. He is accidentally run over by a passing truck and killed. Next to his body is discovered a reel of film showing a young white woman enduring disgusting and sadistic brutalities in the jungles of New Guinea. An expedition is assembled to rescue the woman. They discover a Jim Jones-type figure controlling the woman and the natives. As you would expect from any good cannibal film, there is plenty of sick & brutal acts inflicted on both man and beast (the animal killings being real).Starring Ivan Rassimov, Janet Agren, Paola Senatore, Robert Kerman, Mel Ferrer. (1980)

EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS aka TRAP THEM, KILL THEM. In this cannibal/action/adventure, starring the beautiful Laura Gemser, our favorite nymphomaniac reporter leads an expedition into the Amazon in hopes of uncovering cannibal type activity. They quickly run into cannibals who want to eat them!!. The film opens in a mental hospital with an attractive young nurse suddenly appearing with her clothes torn off and one of her breasts bitten off! Plenty of graphic sex and violence, combined with an exciting plot, make this one of the best in the "Black Emanuelle" series. Starring Laura Gemser, Gabreielle Tinti, Susan Scott and Donald O'Brian. Directed by Joe D’Amato (1977) PIC

EMANUELLE AND THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE Another wonderful, sleazy treat from Joe D’Amato. On the trail of a white slave ring based in San Diego, Emanuelle goes undercover, much to the delight of the lesbian Madam who really wants Emanuelle. Emanuelle befriends Stephen, a transvestite who is the Madam's right-hand man/woman. In a bowling alley, there is a huge kung-fu fight with the Madame's forces, and Stephen is beaten and killed with a bowling pin! Poor Emanuelle is taken to a nut house for a lobotomy! A wild ride starring Laura Gemser and Gabreielle Tinti.

EMANUELLE IN AMERICA aka BRUTAL NIGHTS. Reporter/photographer Emanuelle goes undercover to expose a gun-runner’s harem in California. Emanuelle meets an Italian aristocrat who invites her to Venice for a threesome with his wife, and later to a wild orgy. Back in the USA, she infiltrates an exclusive sex club for rich men where she sees a grainy, horrifying snuff film where women are beaten and brutally tortured in the most barbaric ways. She escapes from the sex club and tracks down the man responsible for the shocking film. Pretending that she is interested in snuff, Emanuelle is drugged by the man and sent to South America to witness the shocking filmmaking first hand. Unfortunately after gaining the evidence, her editor drops the story. One of the most horrific aspects of this film is the “Snuff” footage that looks way too realistic. Film director Joe D’Amato proves he has a talent for handling the most gruesome. Starring Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Roger Browne and Riccardo Salvino. (1976)

EMANUELLE E FRANCOISE aka BLOOD VENGEANCE. Rosemarie Lindt stars as Emanuelle who drugs Carlo (George Eastman) with a laced glass of whisky and chains him up in a secret room to avenge the death of her sister, Francoise, who jumped in front of a train rather that endure Carlo’s sexual humiliations. Using a special one way mirror so he can see out, she begins to torture him. She performs all manners of sex acts for him to see including a lesbian threesome with his current girlfriend. As the days wear on, he becomes more delirious from starvation and the drugs Emanuelle injects him with. He has a bizarre hallucination of a strange orgy ending in cannibalism going on beyond the glass then all over him. He breaks free of the chamber and then the blood really starts to splatter. A wild soft-core horror effort from the sleaze-o writing team of Bruno Mattei and Joe D’Amato. Also directed and photographed by Joe D’Amato. (1976)

EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD Starring Laura Gemser and George Eastman, this concerns a tropical island full of cats and maggot faced zombies. Not much story just an excuse for D'amato to show naked flesh. There is also a hardcore version called strangely enough Porno Holocaust. Directed by Joe D'amato (1980)

THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN This from the master of sleaze has a silver coloured Frankenstein and an outrageous scene where the monster whips a girl and man over some poisoned spikes. Anne Lipert stars as naked woman with blue feathers, lethal claws and psychic powers, Euro-trash at its best, Dennis Price also has a bit part. Directed by Jesus Franco (1972)

THE EVIL DEAD was the directorial debut of 23yr old Sam Raimi. Made on a shoestring budget and filmed in Michigan and Tennessee it concerns five college friends who decide to stay in an old log cabin in the woods. When one of the members discovers a copy of the Book of the Dead and recites fom it, the evil spirits of the surrounding wood are summoned. What follows is a tremendous gore feast with spirits possessing several members and attacking the rest, special effects abound and the makeup and camerawork are excellent. This remains one of the most censored horror classics available in the UK with 41 cuts totalling 2m 02sec (1982) MPEG 2MB

EVIL DEAD 2 aka DEAD BY DAWN. Really a bigger budget remake of the first film, picking up where THE EVIL DEAD left off, it concerns a group of people who stumble upon the same cabin in the woods. This time a tape recorder with recorded passages from the Book of the Dead is the key to summoning the evil spirits outside. The extra budget results in a more polished film with excellent effects, there is more tongue-in-cheek humour in this version than the first and is more fast paced. (1987)

ARMY OF DARKNESS aka EVIL DEAD 3 With the success of the first two films a third instalment was inevitable, financed by Universal Studios, the saga continues with Campbell being transported back into the Dark Ages.More of a sword and scorcery film than horror, Campbell has to do battle with evil spirits and the legions of the undead who are unleashed in a hilarious scene when the star tries to utter words from The day the Earth Stood Still ;"Klatu Varada Nickto" Very funny with some good effects and one-liners, this sequel had a "15" certificate so hopefully would be seen by a greater audience. (1992)


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