John Polidori a physician to Lord Byron is credited with the first vampire story in English literature when he wrote The Vampyre in the early 1800's. In 1845, Varney the Vampire was published, a work credited to J.M. Rymer. This 220 chapter story increased peoples curiousity and enthusiasm for the Vampire, and in 1870 J.Sheridan Le Fanu created Carmilla, the first great literary vampire tale. This character would be later utilised in many vampire films, and would form the basis for Hammer's Karnstein trilogy of the 1970's, TheVampire Lovers, Lust For A Vampire and Twins Of Evil.

Another Irishman, Bram Stoker read Fanu's classic and was inspired to write his own vampire story. This story would be based on Vlad IV, or Vlad the Impaler to his friends. This real life Transylvanian prince of the 15th century liked nothing better than impaling his enemies on large wooden stakes, while he dined and gloated at his ememies predicament. The title of this work was of course Dracula. Published in 1897, Stoker had used the infamous Vlad as his canvas and based Dracula's physical form on his friend the actor Henry Irving . The success of Dracula soon influenced other writers, and it was not long before the new medium of film was utilised to bring the Count to the silver screen. In 1922 F.W Murnau would direct NOSFERATU, the first real vampire film and probably one of the greatest classics of the horror genre. Since this cinematic classic was made Dracula has become the most filmed icon in the Horror film industry. Long may it continue.

Atom Age Vampire (Italy 1960,Dir.Anton Giulio Masano, Cast.Alberto Lupo,Susanne Loret)
The Bare Breasted Countess aka La Comtesse Aux Seins Nus (1975) Jesus Franco
Bat People aka It Lives By Night (1940) Dir.Jerry Jameson
Batman (USA 1964,Prod.Andy Warhol,Cast.Jack Smith,Baby Jane Holzer)
Batman Fights Dracula (Philippines 1967)
Beast of Morocco (England 1966, Dir.Frederick Goode)
Bite Me, Darling; Love Making Vampire Style aka Beiss Mich, Leibling (WG 1970,Dir.Helmut Foernbacher)
Black Sabbath aka I Tre Volta della Paura (Italy 1963,Dir.Mario Bava, Cast.Boris Karloff,Mark Damon,Jacqueline Soussard,Michele Mercier) 100(95mins)
Black Sunday aka The Demon's Mask (Italy 1961,Dir.Mario Bava,Cast.Barbara Steele) 84mins b/w
Black Vampire (USA 1988,Dir.Lawrence Jordan)
Blacula (USA 1972,Dir.William Crain-Bob Kelljan, Cast.William Marshall-Blacula)
Blade (1998) Stephen Norrington 120mins
Blood (USA 1974,Dir.Andy Milligan)
Blood and Black Lace ( 1964,Dir.Mario Bava,Cast.Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok) 90(85mins)
Blood and Roses (Italy 1961, Dir.Roger Vadim) 87(85,74mins)
The Blood Drinkers (Philippines/USA 1966,Dir.Gerardo de Lion)
Blood Fiend (England 1966,Dir.Samuel Galler,Cast.Christopher Lee, Leila Goldoni,Julian Glover,Jenny Till,aka.Theatre of Death)
Blood For Dracula aka Andy Warhol's Dracula (USA 1974,Dir.Paul Morrissey,Screenplay.Paul Morrissey Cast.Udo Kier,Roman Polanski,) 103(90mins)
Blood Lust (1970,Film Co.Karma)
Blood Moon aka The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman (Spain 1970,Dir.Leon Klimovsky)
The Blood of Dracula aka Blood is my Heritage (USA 1957,Dir.Herbert L. Strock) 69mins b/w
The Blood of Dracula's Castle (USA 1969,Dir.Al Adamson&Jean Hewitt)
Blood of the Vampire (England 1958,Dir.Henry Cass,Cast.Donald Wolfit) 85mins
Blood-Spattered Bride (Spain 1969,Dir.Vincinte Aranda,based on Carmilla)
Blood Suckers from Outer Space (USA 1984,Dir.Glenn Coburn, Cast.Thom Meyer,Pat Paulsen)
Blood Thirst (Philippines/USA 1965,Dir.Newt Arnold,Cast.Robert Winston, Yvonne Nielson)
The Bloodless Vampire (Philippines 1965,Dir.Michael Du Pont)
Bloodsuckers aka Incense for the Damned (England,Greece 1971,Dir.Robert Hartford-Davis pseudonym of Michael Burrows,Cast.Peter Cushing,Patrick McNee)
Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (Dir.Glenn Coburn, Cast.Thom Meyer,Laura Ellis,Pat Paulsen,Billie Keller,Robert Bradeen)
The Bloody Countess (WGermany 1973,Film Co.Transcontinental Films)
The Body Beneath (England 1970,Dir.Andy Milligan aka The Demon Lover, Cast.Gavin Reed,Jackie Skarvellis,Susan Heard)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Francis Ford Coppola 127mins
The Brides of Dracula (1960) Terence Fisher 85mins Technicolor
Capulina Contra Los Vampiros (Mexico 1971,Dir.Rene Cardona)
Carmilla (USA 1990,Dir.Gabrielle Beaumont, Cast.Meg Tilly,Ione Skye,Roddy McDowell,Roy Dotrice)
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1973) Brian Clemens 91mins
The Case of the Full Moon Murders (USA 1974,Dir.Joesph Brad Talbort)
Castle of Blood aka La Danza Macabra (Italy 1963,Dir.Anthony Dawson Cast.Barbara Steele) 87(82mins)
The Castle of the Living Dead aka Il Castello dei Morti Vivi aka Le Chateau des Morts Vivants (Italy/France 1964,Dir.Luciano Ricci)
Cemetery Girls aka The Velvet Vampire aka El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula) (Spain 1972,Dir.Javier Aguirra )
Ceremonia Sangrientia (Spain/Italy 1972,Dir.Jorge Gran)
Chamber of Fear (Mexico/USA 1968,Dir.Juan Ibanez,Jack Hill, Cast.Boris Karloff(His last film role))
Chi O Suu Bara (Japan, aka The Evil of Dracula)
Chosen Survivors (USA/Mexico 1974,Dir.Sutton Rolley,Cast.Jackie Cooper Alex Cord)
Cinque Tombe Per un Medium (Italy/USA 1965,Dir.Massimo Pupillo, Cast.Barbara Steele)
City of the Walking Dead aka Nightmare City (1980 Dir.Umberto Lenzi) 92(81mins)
Condemned To Live (USA 1935,Dir.Frank Strayer)
Contes Immoraux aka Immoral Tales (France 1969,Dir.Walerian Borowczyk)
The Corpse Vanishes (USA 1941,Dir.Wallace Fox,Cast.Bela Lugosi)
Count Dracula (Italy/Spain/Germany 1970,Dir.Jesus Franco, Cast.Christopher Lee as Dracula,Klaus Kinski as Renfield)
Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (England 1973,Dir.Alan Gibson aka The Satanic Rites of Dracula) 87mins Colour
Count Erotica, Vampire (USA 1971,Dir.Tony Teresi)
Count Yorga, Vampire (USA 1970,Dir.&Writer.Bob Kelljan)
Countess Dracula (England 1970,Dir.Peter Sasdy, 93mins Eastman colour, based on Countess Elizabeth Bathory)
The Crime Doctor's Courage (USA 1945,Dir.George Sherman)
The Curse of Dracula (USA 1957,Dir.Tony Brzezinski)
Curse of the Undead (USA 1959,Dir.Edward Dein,Film Co.Universal, Cast.Eric Fleming,Michael Pate,Kathleen Crowley)
Curse of the Vampires aka Creatures of Evil, aka Blood of the Vampires (Philippines/USA 1970,Dir.Gerardo de Leon )
Cyrpt of the Living Dead aka Hannah, Queen of the Vampires
Dakki, the Vampire (Japan 1936)
Dance of the Damned (USA 1989,Dir.Katt Shea Ruben)
Dance of the Vampires (see The Fearless Vampire Killers)
Dark Shadows (USA 1968,Dir.Dan Curtis,Cast.Johnathan Frid)
Daughter of Dracula aka La Hija De Dracula (1972) Jesus Franco
Dead Men Walk aka Creatures of the Devil (USA 1942,Dir.Sigmund Neufeld,Cast.George Zucco, Dwight Frye)
The Deathmaster (USA 1971,Dir.Ray Danton)
Deathship (USA 1980,Dir.Alvin Rakoff,Cast.George Kennedy,Richard Crenna)
Def By Temptation (USA 1990,Dir.James Bond III)
The Devil Bat (USA 1940,Dir.Jean Yarborough)
The Devil Bat's Daughter (USA 1946,Dir.Frank Wisbar)
The Devil's Commandment (Italy 1956,Dir.Riccardo Freda,Cast.Gianna Maria Canale,Antoine Balpetre,Paul Muller)
The Devil's Mistress (USA 1966,Dir.Orville Wanzer)
The Devil's Wedding Night aka El Retorno de la Drequessa Dracula, aka Countess Dracula (Spain 1973,Dir.Paul Solvay, Cast.Sara Bey(Rosalba Neri),Mark Damon)
Devils of Darkness (England 1965,Dir.Lane Comfort)
Dir Schlangengrube und Das Pendel aka The Blood Demon (West Germany 1967,Dir.Harald Reinl Cast.Christopher Lee,Lex Barker,)
Disciple of Death (USA 1972,Dir.Tom Parkinson,Cast.Mike Raven)
Disciples of Dracula (USA 1975,Film Co.First-West Film Prods., Cast.Ervin Cartwright,Phil Souza,Linda Hinds)
Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors (USA 1967,Dir.David Hewitt)
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (England 1964,Dir.Freddie Francis)
Dracula (1931) Tod Browning Cast.Bela Lugosi as Dracula, Dwight Frye as Renfield 85mins b/w PIC
Dracula aka Horror of Dracula (1958) Terence Fisher 82mins
Dracula A.D 1972 aka Dracula Today(1972) Alan Gibson 97mins Eastman colour
Dracula (USA 1931,Dir.George Melford, - (Spanish) Cast.Carlos Villarios,Alvarez Rubio,Barry Norton,Carmen Guerro, Lupita Tovar,Film Co.MCA/Universal)
Dracula (England 1972,Dir.Alan Gibson,Cast.Christopher Lee as Dracula)
Dracula (1979,Dir.John Badham,Cast.Frank Langella as Dracula)
Dracula Contra El Dr. Frankenstein (Spain/France 1971,Dir.Jesus Franco) 87(85mins)
Dracula Has Risen From His Grave (1968) Freddie Francis 92mins Technicolor
Dracula Meets the Outer Space Chicks (USA 1968,Film Co.Independent)
Dracula, Pere et Fils (France 1976,Dir.Eduard Molinaro aka Dracula, Pere et Fils,Cast.Christopher Lee,Bernard Menez)
Dracula, Prince of Darkness (England 1965,Dir.Terence Fisher Christopher Lee as Dracula) 90mins
Dracula Rises From the Coffin (Korea 1982,Dir.Lee Hyoung Pyo, Tai Chang Inc.)
Dracula Saga (Spain 1972,Dir.Leon Klimovsky aka La Saga de los Draculas aka Dracula's All Night Orgy)
Dracula Today (England 1972,Dir.Alan Gibson,Cast.Christopher Lee, aka Dracula AD 1972)
Dracula Walks the Night (England 1972,Dir.Terence Fisher, Screenplay.Jimmy Sangster,Richard Matheson,Cast.Christopher lee, Peter Cushing,Jack Palance,Barbara Shelley,Michael Gough)
Dracula's Daughter (USA 1936,Dir.Lambert Hillyer,Cast.Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger,Edward Van Sloan,Nan Grey,Film Co.MCA/Universal) 72mins b/w
Dracula's Dog aka Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (USA 1975,Dir.Albert Band )
Dracula's Feast of Blood (England 1974,Film Co.Tyburn Films)
Dracula's Great Love (Spain 1972,Dir.Javier Aguirre,Cast.Paul Naschy)
Dracula's Last Rites (USA 1980,Dir.Domonic Paris,aka Last Rites)
Dracula's Lusterne Vampire (Switzerland 1970,Dir.Mario D'Alcala)
Dracula's Wedding Day (USA 1967.Prod.Mike Jacobson, Film Co.Film Maker's Coop)
Dracula's Widow (USA 1988,Dir.Christopher Coppola)
Drakula Istanbulda aka Dracula in Istanbul (Turkey 1952,Dir.Mehmet Muhtar Atif Kaptan as Dracula)
Drakulita (Philippines 1969,Dir.Consuelo Osorio,Cast.Lito Legaspi)

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